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As part of our ongoing commitment to raise awareness of dyslexia and specific learning difficulties, the BDA has a comprehensive training programme. We deliver eLearning, open and bespoke training courses aimed at all levels from a parent who wants to find out more about dyslexia to a dyslexia professional looking to gain a Level 7 accreditation.

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Our courses

Psychometric assessment and statistics in context: An advanced refresher course for practitioners

One day

£150 (Professional Member £130)

London & Manchester

This one day SASC accredited training course is for Specialist Assessors and is designed to develop competence and increase confidence in the selection and application of psychometric tests, statistical analyses, interpretation and communication of results within the constraints of the dynamic educational setting. This advanced refresher course is aimed at Teachers who are conversant with and experienced in the application, analyses and interpretation of psychometric tests. Professional members please contact us for a discounted fee.

Introducing the new Report Format for Pre-16 and Renewing your APC

One day

£150 (Professional Members £130)

London & Manchester

This one day course includes changes to the report formats issued by SASC recently introduced and for use from 1st July 2019. We will look at the pre-16 format and the changes from the original format.   We will discuss the new guidance document that accompanies the revised format and the implications for specialist assessors. It will also cover tips and hints for a successful APC renewal.

How to Succeed at Work and Home as a Dyslexic Adult



This eLearning module examines the unique traits that have helped some of the world's best-known dyslexic individuals rise to success. From developing determination and self-esteem, to seeking the right kind of help and support, this module identifies how all dyslexic individuals can develop and use these traits to unlock their own potential. This programme supplements “Self Fulfilment with Dyslexia: A Blueprint to Success”, by the BDA Vice President, Margaret Malpas MBE, and includes activities, case studies, and videos to provide further opportunities for learning.

Introduction to Understanding Exam Access Arrangements for Dyslexia



This eLearning module is designed to assist individuals with developing an understanding of Access Arrangements for examinations. It provides an overview of what access arrangements are, how these apply to those with dyslexia, and what types of support are available. Please note, regulations concerning access arrangements change on a regular basis and so this module should not be taken to be a definitive guide.

Specific Learning Difficulties and Performance in the Workplace

£30 per person (£25 + VAT)


This mini eLearning module aims to provide employers, trainers and HR professionals with a brief overview of Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD), how they may affect their workforce, and some basic support strategies that can be put in place to help individuals perform to their full potential in the workplace.

NMH Support Workers: Disability Awareness and Policy Training

£48 per person (£40 +VAT)


The Quality Assurance Framework (DSA QAG) requires that NMH support workers must have appropriate training on the policies associated with this area of work before delivering DSA-funded NMH services.