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Practical Solutions for Higher Level Literacy Skills





Who is it suitable for?

This module is particularly relevant for those working with older learners in secondary, college or university educational settings, or may even be helpful to the learner themselves.

Note: this module contains overlap with the modules Practical Solutions+ Reading, Practical Solutions+ Spelling and Practical Solutions+ Writing as it focuses on the higher level elements of each of these.

This session can be used towards the completion of our accredited courses, so is a great for anyone wishing to go on to one of our accredited courses at Level 2 & 3, for more information use this link accredited training page.

Learning Aims,

By the end of the module participants will:

  • Have identified the skills required for higher levels of literacy and the difficulties dyslexic individuals can experience with these.
  • Have explored how to support dyslexic individuals with higher levels of reading, spelling and writing.
  • Have considered the role of assistive technology in promoting independence in literacy.

Programme Outline

  • Topic 1: Higher Level Reading Skills
  • Topic 2: Higher Level Spelling Skills
  • Topic 3: Higher Level Writing Skills
  • Topic 4: Assistive Technology in Higher Level Learning
  • Topic 5: Conclusions and Reflections

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