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Join us for the BDA’s Dyslexia Solutions Summer School, a new four-day virtual training event tailored for teachers and education support professionals seeking to enhance their techniques for supporting dyslexic and neurodiverse learners at all stages of education.

Course dates: 22nd - 25th July or 19th - 22nd August

As part of our ongoing commitment to raise awareness of dyslexia and specific learning difficulties, the British Dyslexia Association has a comprehensive training programme. We deliver our expert training in a number of formats so that you can find a session to suit your needs, whether you are an organisation aiming to raise dyslexia awareness among your workforce or a dyslexia professional looking to gain a Level 7 accreditation and everything in between.

Live Virtual Training

We provide a rolling programme of free live information webinars to members of the public to raise awareness about supporting individuals with specific learning difficulties.

We also run live half and full day virtual training courses on specific topics:

  • Modules which can lead to an Accredited Level 2 or Level 3 qualification, suitable for any attendees including parents, carers, teachers, employers and professionals
  • CPD tailored towards specialist teachers and assessors in particular.

You can see our programme of live events here.

Please scroll down to view our specific topic courses.

Live Bespoke Training

We provide live information webinars, virtual training and in-person sessions about dyslexia, dyscalculia and supporting individuals with specific learning difficulties to a broad range of organisations:

  • Workplaces
  • Schools and other educational settings
  • Charities and public sector organisations

This can include modules of our accredited training or professional CPD.

We can schedule these sessions at times to suit you and can tailor this private training to be relevant to the needs of your delegates. You can see our price list here.

To book a bespoke training session for your organisation please email us at

Accredited Training

We provide gold standard accredited training courses which are delivered online including:

  • Level 7 Diploma in Dyslexia Assessment and Intervention
  • Level 5 Certificates in Dyslexia; Literacy, Support and Intervention and in Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties; Support and Intervention
  • Level 4 Workplace Assessors Programme
  • Level 3 Various which can be undertake module by module
  • Level 2 Various which can be undertake module by module

Please scroll down to view our accredited courses.

eLearning/Online Training

We provide a comprehensive programme of eLearning/online training modules on specific topics:

  • Modules which can lead to an Accredited Level 2 or Level 3 qualification, suitable for any attendees including parents, carers, teachers, employers and professionals
  • CPD tailored towards specialist teachers and assessors in particular.

Please note: Access to eLearning/online modules are released on the first Thursday following the submission of your booking; and more specifically, providing payment has been made before the allotted time.

Please note: eLearning modules will automatically expire after 3 months, from the date that the module has been released.

Please scroll down to view our eLearning/online specific topic courses.


Payments can be made by credit/debit card or for businesses and organisations by invoice.

If you have any problems with the booking process please email us:

Professional Members Only - to book your discounted eLearning modules please email us at:

Our courses

The Dyslexia Friendly Learning Environment

2/3 hours



It is recognised that the vast majority of dyslexic individuals spend most, if not all, of their education time in a mainstream classroom or learning environment. This module identifies how the “classroom” and “institution” can be made dyslexia friendly, thus creating an inclusive learning environment. This module is linked to the BDA's Quality Mark which provides a template of good practice in this arena.

How to Succeed at Work and Home as a Dyslexic Adult



This eLearning module examines the unique traits that have helped some of the world's best-known dyslexic individuals rise to success. From developing determination and self-esteem, to seeking the right kind of help and support, this module identifies how all dyslexic individuals can develop and use these traits to unlock their own potential. This programme supplements “Self Fulfilment with Dyslexia: A Blueprint to Success”, by the BDA Vice President, Margaret Malpas MBE, and includes activities, case studies, and videos to provide further opportunities for learning.

Accredited Course

Accredited Level 2 - Promoting Awareness of Dyslexia

Approximately 30 hours study time.

from £685

Virtual or eLearning/online (or a blended combination)

This programme is designed for Teachers and TAs working with children and young people who want to be able to support dyslexic pupils within the classroom and is intended to provide a greater understanding of the problems that dyslexic learners face, and appropriate methods and resources to help support them within the context of their learning environment.

Part of an Accredited Course

Screening for Dyslexia Pre 16 (Live Virtual Training)

One Day


Live Virtual Training

This training course is designed to take delegates through the complete processes of screening for dyslexia, exploring the issues of best practice within this activity. Through the practical demonstration of screening tools, it will identify what a screening tool does along with its uses and limitations. Delegates will learn how to evaluate screening tools, individual profiles and reports from a tool and develop understanding of what the next steps might be for the individuals involved.

Carrying out an assessment with Pre16 learners with complex needs (SASC Approved)

2.5 hours



This SASC approved course is aimed at practising assessors who assess in the pre-16 age group or those working with adults who wish to further their knowledge of assessing in this age group. Delegates should hold AMBDA and/or an APC or have completed a L7 qualification in the assessment and teaching of SpLD learners. The course will broaden their understanding of a range of complex needs and how to effectively assess neurodiverse learners.

Part of an Accredited Course

Fundamentals of Dyslexia Support

4/5 hours



This eLearning module examines the fundamental approaches required when providing dyslexia support to an individual, and looks at simple strategies to support some of the more common areas of difficulty.