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Accredited Course

Accredited Level 5 - Certificate in Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties; Support and Intervention

12-16 months

From £2950


The BDA Level 5 Certificate in Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties; Support and Intervention provides training for individuals who have a professional interest in dyscalculia and maths learning difficulties in order for them to become informed practitioners and teachers. The course is delivered primarily in the form of eLearning, with some supplementary virtual sessions. The course is flexible and can be undertaken part time.

Fundamentals of Dyscalculia or Maths Learning Difficulties (Live Virtual Training)

Half day


Live Virtual Training

This introductory course will look at what can cause children to struggle with maths and identify what is the difference between maths learning difficulties and dyscalculia. 

An Overview of Assistive Technology



The development of technology that can assist those who have dyslexia, as well those who have other types of disability, to cope with certain tasks that they find difficult has transformed the landscape of coping strategies that we are able to offer to these individuals. This is a specialised field, however, and there is not generally a great awareness amongst the education/work population of exactly what is available.

Specific Learning Difficulties and Performance in the Workplace

£25 per person


This mini eLearning module aims to provide employers, trainers and HR professionals with a brief overview of Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD), how they may affect their workforce, and some basic support strategies that can be put in place to help individuals perform to their full potential in the workplace.

NMH Support Workers: Disability Awareness and Policy Training

£40 per person


The Quality Assurance Framework (DSA QAG) requires that NMH support workers must have appropriate training on the policies associated with this area of work before delivering DSA-funded NMH services.

Part of an Accredited Course

Making Reasonable Adjustments for Dyslexia

4/5 hours

£120 per person


This eLearning module aims to provide an understanding of the process and remit of a workplace needs assessment, the legal parameters of reasonable adjustments, where they fit within the context of employment and the scope and format of the workplace needs assessment process and report.