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A Diagnostic Assessment for Dyslexia is the only way that dyslexia can be formally identified. Diagnostic assessments for Dyslexia are carried out by experienced specialist teachers and psychologists across the UK.

You can find out more about what to look for when appointing an assessor here.

If you are self-funding an assessment, the BDA have two options:

1. If the person being assessed is aged 12 years and over and is able to manage a remote assessment, our approved assessors can offer remote assessments via a video platform such as Zoom. This is via our Remote Diagnostic Assessment Service.

2. If the person being assessed is under the age of 12 or would not benefit from a remote assessment, our Dyslexia Referral Assessment Service means that we will be able to put you in contact with a BDA Approved Assessor that can organise and carry out a Diagnostic assessment for Dyslexia for you or your child. Our approved assessors offer face to face assessments.

Our Dyscalculia Referral Assessment Service means we have a limited number of assessors who can assess for Dyscalculia. Dyscalculia assessments must take place in person and we cannot guarantee that we will have an assessor in your area. Please see the Dyscalculia Referral Assessment Enquiry form for the location of our dyscalculia assessors that we can put you in contact with. Dyscalculia

If the assessment is being funded by your child’s school, a local authority, a university, an organisation or your employer we will organise the assessment for you under our Corporate Assessment Service. Our approved assessors can offer face to face assessments and remote assessments via video platform such as Zoom.

See more information of which service to choose here. Diagnostic Assessment flow chart 2024

Reports following a Diagnostic assessment are not intended to be used in a court of law. If you require the assessment for a tribunal or court case you would require an expert witness.

Please note that all diagnostic assessors are taking bookings months in advance due to availability.

Before considering an assessment, you may want to look at doing a dyslexia checklist and/or screener, if you haven’t already done so.