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eLearning for all levels

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Whilst we understand for many this is an extremely difficult time (please find our information on COVID-19 here), we also know that for others now is the perfect time to do any training you have been putting off.

The British Dyslexia Association has been offering eLearning for many of our training modules for a few years now, so not being able to travel isn’t an issue.

We have modules suitable for those at all levels, from no previous experience with dyslexia through to professionals working in the area for many years. We have eLearning for educators, workplace and parents.

Some of the highlights include…

Introductory training

If you are a classroom teacher/professional looking to get a general understanding of dyslexia or just interested in learning more about it, our Fundamentals of Dyslexia Awareness and Fundamentals of Dyslexia Support will give you all the essentials in approximately ten hours of training (five hours per module).

Training for educators

For those wanting to be able to directly support young people with dyslexia, we offer three great modules providing practical strategies for reading, spelling and writing, which are all around five hours long.

You can work towards one of the accredited courses via eLearning to gain a qualification that will advance your career:

If you’re looking to learn a new area of SEN, we offer a course for those wanting to be a Specialist Dyscalculia Teacher, our Level 5 - Certificate in Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties; Support and Intervention.

We also have a range of modules focused on individual topics including organisational skills, revision and exam technique, motivation and self-esteem, exam access arrangements, the dyslexia friendly learning environment and study skills.

Training for workplaces

Our workplace modules cover everything you need to know about supporting and developing staff with dyslexia and learning differences.

Individual modules cover specific learning difficulties and performance in the workplace, disability awareness and policy training, making reasonable adjustments for dyslexia and practical solutions for other hidden difficulties.

We also offer a complete course to get you qualified to run Workplace Needs Assessments, our Level 4 – Workplace Assessors Programme. This doesn’t just give you the skills to deliver assessments, it will develop you into the dyslexia specialist for your workplace.

Training for parents

In addition to introductory modules, parents of young people with dyslexia may benefit from our modules covering topics include organisational skills, revision and exam technique, motivation and self-esteem, study skills and how to succeed at work and home as a dyslexic adult.

With schools potentially closing in the run up to exams, these modules would be ideal for a parent wishing to support their child’s learning at home.