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Introduction to Understanding Exam Access Arrangements for Dyslexia





Who is it suitable for?

This module may be helpful to any individual who has a role in the process of determining what access arrangements a learner should receive including: SENCos, teachers, TA's and even the learner themselves.

Learning Aims

By the end of the module participants will:

  • Understand what a reasonable adjustment is in relation to examinations.
  • Have identified a range of exam access arrangements and the rationale and application process for each of these.
  • Have an awareness of the requirements of an assessment for access arrangements and who should carry these out.

Programme Outline

  • Topic 1: What Are Access Arrangements?
  • Topic 2: Types of Access Arrangements Available.
  • Topic 3: Assessments for Access Arrangements.

Note: this module refers extensively to the JCQ publication 'Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments' and is therefore tailored to UK qualifications/awarding bodies, although much of the advice and suggested access arrangements may still be relevant for overseas learners depending on the education system and examination board used.

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