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Part of an Accredited Course

Fundamentals of Dyslexia Awareness





Who is it suitable for?

This module is suitable for anyone wishing to develop their knowledge and understanding of dyslexia.

From 1st April 2021 this module will no longer count towards our Level 5 accredited course.

Learning Aims

By the end of the module participants will:

  • Have explored the terminology, facts and myths associated with dyslexia.
  • Have explored how the differences in a dyslexic brain translate into how dyslexia presents in practice.
  • Recognise the principles of the identification process.
  • Have analysed the impact of the Equality Act 2010 with regard to dyslexia.

Programme Outline

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Dyslexia
  • Topic 2: Brain Theories and Differences·
  • Topic 3: Theory and Practice
  • Topic 4: How is Dyslexia Identified?
  • Topic 5: How does it Feel to be Dyslexic?
  • Topic 6: Dyslexia and the Law
  • Topic 7: Conclusions and Reflections

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