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Fundamentals of Dyscalculia or Maths Learning Difficulties (Live Virtual Training)


Half day




Live Virtual Training

Who is it suitable for?

This introductory course is suitable for anyone wishing to develop their knowledge and understanding of dyscalculia.

Learning Aims

  • This course will look at what can cause children to struggle with maths and identify what is the difference between maths learning difficulties and dyscalculia.
  • Learn how to identify children’s difficulties and the strategies to correctly support them, making learning math enjoyable and reducing math anxiety.

Joining Instructions for Live Virtual Training
Joining instructions will be sent to the registered email address approximately 24hrs ahead of the training event. If the events start date falls on a Monday, these details will be sent out on the preceding Friday.

Course Leader -Brenda Ferrie

Brenda trained as a secondary maths teacher, and encountering a number bright young learners who could not retain information and transfer work to paper lead her to specialise in dyslexia.

She has been working with learners with dyslexia for about 30 years. She joined the BDA eight years ago and is now runs the professional training in dyscalculia. She is also a qualified assessor for dyslexia and dyscalculia.

What is live live virtual learning?

Our live virtual training is designed to replicate the benefits of in-person training but from the comfort and safety of your home. Here is some feedback from one of the delegates…

“The session was very informative, and I will be able to put a lot of what I have learnt into the classroom. The technical support in the session was fantastic and any issues I had were quickly and successfully attended too. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and answered questions extremely well. The session had a good pace to it and was as good as I think you could get without being an in-person session.”

Virtual training is live and interactive. Expect what you would from our in-person training, Q&A time, videos, activities and material you can take away to support with putting your new knowledge into action.

The technology is easy to use and a host is available on each session to support with any technical hitches you might hit. If you have a computer and internet connection you have been able to successfully use for video calling via software like TEAMS or Zoom in the past, you’ll be able to access our virtual training.

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Thursday 25th July 2024
(09:30 - 12:30)

Thursday 19th September 2024
(09:30 - 12:30)

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