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Diagnostic Assessments for Dyslexia

What happens after an assessment?

After a Diagnostic Assessment you will receive a written report.

This report will provide evidence of the individual’s dyslexic profile (if the individual has been confirmed as having dyslexia), signposting to other organisations or further assessments for specific learning difficulties (if required).

The report will include some recommendations about how to support the individual in the context of their study, the workplace or day-to-day life. Any recommendations of how an individual can be supported in the workplace are likely to be generic and not job-specific.

The aim is that the report is a document that the individual is happy to share with family, teachers, tutors, other professionals and employees if they wish, as this will give them information on how they can help to provide support.

The BDA quality assures its Approved assessors Diagnostic Assessment reports in line with guidelines set by the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC).

Workplace Diagnostic Assessment

If the individual being assessed has given their permission, a summary report (which does not refer to test scores) will be sent to the individual’s employer/line manager if the employer has paid for the assessment.

Due to data protection law the BDA require written proof of permission from the person who has been assessed before we can release the full report to the employer.

Disabled Students' Allowance

If the report is for a specific purpose such as application for Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) at university, the assessor will explain how to proceed.

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