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Diagnostic Assessments for Dyslexia

Testimonials received from clients

I thought the process was going to be slow and difficult to organise but it was quite the opposite. The response from the BDA was almost immediate as was the response from the assessor.  Thank you!”

June 2022

We have been very pleased with the service and our assessor was amazing. Thank you so much. Our assessor said our daughter could call beforehand with any worries. When there, the assessor really put us both as ease. Very lovely person and really prompt with report which was very detailed.”

June 2022

Great service, I would highly recommend this service to others. The BDA contacted me very quickly within the set time frames. The assessor was very friendly and understood the issues I was having.”

March 2022

We were really impressed by the support from the BDA, the assessor was brilliant and the right person for our needs and the report and support since has been great.  Have already recommended to others.”

June 2022

I contacted the BDA as I didn't know where else to turn. I had never considered that my son was dyslexic, but enough flags were flying to let us know that he had difficulties particularly with his writing. His spelling was excellent ( a misconception that stopped both myself and teachers from seeing his difficulties). The BDA were really efficient and helpful, by responding and explaining how we could get our son assessed and by sending a list of assessors who worked with 12 year old children and who were relatively nearby. After identifying an assessor, they put us in touch and we made an appointment. Our assessor was brilliant, responding with information about the test and to more specific worries we had, before we attended. The assessor gave us really thorough feedback both on the day of the test and in writing a few days later, which we could then take to his school. My son is dyslexic and it was like a lightbulb had been switched on, and so many things became clear for both our son and us. We thought the service from start to finish from both the BDA and the assessor was excellent, professional and massively reassuring and I would recommend the BDA as a first port of call for anybody who needs information about, or assessment for Dyslexia. ”

June 2022

The assessor we used was brilliant – she put my daughter at ease and made the testing process as painless as possible. Communication from the assessor was also fantastic. I would highly recommend this service.”

March 2022

Fantastic service. Finally have the results we needed to enable our son to get the full support in school. ”

April 2022

The BDA has been incredibly helpful. An educational psychologist (EP) was referred and the whole process happened very quickly. I was shocked at how efficient my EP was in giving me a report in time for my final exams. I have a few degrees under my belt but I always knew something was not right with my abilities. I always struggled to take in reading and information in lectures and classes, often getting frustrated, thinking I was lazy or just slow. Growing up, my schools never quite detected I had dyslexia because I was a hard worker and always in Gifted and Talented classes and early A-Levels. My EP uncovered my strengths and highlighted areas that I can work on to help improve my dyslexia. I wholeheartedly recommend the BDA, what you are doing is life-changing and I can't thank you enough for how grateful I am to have finally worked out why I was struggling so much. Thank you.”

April 2022

The BDA responded to my enquiry very quickly. The assessor details including biography was sufficient, The assessor contacted me immediately. The assessment took place on the date scheduled and the reports were sent out after 2 working days. Definitely, Definitely, Definitely I will recommend your services to family and friends.”

April 2022

The assessor was excellent, our son was put at ease and the assessment was engaging and useful. The report was very thorough and helpful.”

June 2022

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