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Diagnostic Assessments for Dyslexia

How to apply for an assessment

Individual Assessment Service (Self-funded)

Please be aware that children must be aged 7 years or over for a Diagnostic Assessment to be carried out.

  1. Download the enquiry form (MS Word format) which you will find in Step 1 of the 'Start an application' box.
  2. Identify whether you wish the assessment to be carried out by a Specialist Teacher or Psychologist.
  3. Specify which location(s) you would like to find an assessor in or if you would prefer a remote assessment via video platform.
  4. When this document is completed, please send this to us via email.
  5. We will then forward you biographies of suitable assessors.
  6. You choose the assessor which you would like to use and inform us.
  7. We will then forward your details to the assessor who will then contact you directly to arrange the assessment.
  8. We may contact you for feedback once you have received the report from the assessor.

Corporate Assessment Service.

Only use this service if the assessment is being funded by a child’s school, an employer, a University or any other organisation.

  1. Download the relevant booking pack (MS Word format) which you will find in Step1 of the 'Start an application' box.
  2. In order to proceed with the assessment, you MUST have had a sight test within the last 2 years for an adult and within 12 months for a child under 16 years. Please ensure you complete the visual questionnaire. Visual difficulties should be investigated if you answered ‘always’ or ‘sometimes’ to several of the questions, as any visual difficulties need to be explored in full before an assessment. We recommend you contact an Optician (Optometrist).
  3. Identify whether you wish the assessment to be carried out by a Specialist Teacher or Psychologist.
  4. Identify any dates that you are not available.
  5. .Submit your application. Step 2 on ‘Start an Application’
  6. Complete payment details. Step 3 on ‘Start an Application’
  7. You will receive an application confirmation by email.
  8. When we have found a suitable assessor, time and location we will contact the main contact listed via email to confirm if this is suitable.
  9. Your booking will be confirmed and payment will be taken or invoice sent. Payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice.
  10. You will receive your report 15 working days after your assessment or when payment has been received.


Please email:

Start an application

Which service are you booking for?

Step 1 - Download and complete an enquiry form

Download Individual Assessment enquiry form

Step 2 - Send your enquiry form to us

Completed enquiry forms should be sent to:

Step 2 - Send your booking pack to us

Completed booking packs should be sent to:

Step 3 - Payment

Please add your payment details

Add payment details


Specialist Teacher - £660.00
Psychologist - £840.00