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Diagnostic Assessments

How to prepare for an assessment

For child assessments

  • The child must have had a sight test within the last six months and it is helpful if the child has had recent hearing check.
  • It is important for children to know that they are coming to see someone who is interested in how people learn. The assessment will help to work out why some learning is difficult and what might help to make things easier.
  • Children can bring examples of school work and reports with them. We also sometimes ask them to bring a current reading book and short piece of totally independent writing.
  • It is important that assessors have information about any previous assessments and/or study support. This will help them to avoid repetition of tests, which may make results invalid.
  • Parents/carers may like to bring something to keep themselves occupied as the assessment could be up to about 3 hours.

All BDA assessors are fully checked, qualified and have DBS clearance. You may wish to stay with the young person whilst they are being assessed but this is at the discretion of the assessor as sometimes parents/carers are a distraction for the young person and it can influence their behaviour or performance.

For everyone

  • Adults should have had a sight test within that last two years, and an up-to-date hearing check is helpful.
  • Please ensure that you know where the assessment is taking place, and try to arrive on time as the assessor may have other assessments booked that day.
  • BDA Diagnostic Assessments take place in a private room at the location where the assessment has been booked (e.g. your home, at the assessors’ office, workplace etc). It needs to be somewhere free from distractions and with a table/writing surface.
  • Given the length of the assessment it may be helpful to bring snacks and a drink.

Start an application

Step 1 - Download and complete a booking pack

Child (Under 16) Booking Pack

Adult (16+) Booking Pack

Employer Booking Pack

Step 2 - Apply online

Complete your assessment application online including payment:


Step 3 - Send your booking pack to us

Completed booking packs should be sent to:

We'll be in touch to confirm payment once the booking has been arranged.


Specialist Teacher - £540.00
Psychologist - £720.00