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There are many reasons to have a Diagnostic Assessment. You may wish to apply for a Disabled Students' Allowance, Exam Access Arrangements or Reasonable Adjustments in the workplace. You may just want to have a greater understanding of why you, your child or employee are experiencing difficulties and how these can best be supported.

Can I be assessed if English isn’t my first language?

To be assessed you will need to have lived in an English-speaking country and to have been regularly speaking English for a minimum of seven years. This is because the tests used are heavily influenced by an English-speaking culture. In addition, you need to be able to read, write and spell in English. If an assessment is carried out before then the assessor can’t make a definitive diagnosis which would mean a re-test may be needed at a later date.

Our new Individual Assessment Service and means that we are able to put you in contact with a BDA Approved Assessor that can organise and carry out an assessment for you.

If the assessment is being funded your child’s schools, a local authority, a university, an organisation or your employer we will organise the assessment for you under our Corporate Assessment Service.

Individual Assessment Service.

The BDA hold an approved assessor list and can put you in contact with an assessor who can carry out a diagnostic assessment. The BDA charge the assessor £100 + VAT for each referral they receive from us. This will have been added to the fee that the assessor will charge you. The assessor will set their own assessment fee and this will be listed on the details that we forward to you. The average fee for a Specialist teacher is £485 and for a Psychologist £600. This service is for self funded assessments. Please be aware that we cannot advise on the assessors availability, they will advise you of this when we put them in contact with you. The locations that we can offer are listed on Enquiry Form, these are kept up todate, if we do not have an assesor in your area we can offer a remote assessment by remote video platform.

Corporate Assessment Service.

The BDA can arrange assessments which are funded by schools, local authorities, universities, organisations and employers. The cost of an assessment is £540 (£450 + VAT) with a specialist teacher. Our specialist teacher/assessors have a current Assessing Practising Certificate (APC). An assessment with an educational psychologist is £720 (£600 + VAT). All associate psychologists are registered with the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC).

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Specialist Teacher - £540.00
Psychologist - £720.00