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Past events


Free Webinar: Empowering Potential

Monday 28 June 2021, Online

At Microsoft, our Mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. With more than 1 billion people in the world with disabilities, there is no limit to what people can achieve when technology reflects the diversity of all those who use it.


Free Webinar: Identifying problems in learning and starting to deal with them

Thursday 24 June 2021, Online

We will look at some of the first steps in the process of finding out about difficulties and getting help so you can deal with them. Some strategies for working with professionals and building up a portfolio of evidence will be explained.


RECORDING - Virtual Literacy Conference - Interactive teaching for the digital age 2021

Friday 11 June 2021, Online

Our Virtual Literacy Conference - Interactive teaching for the digital age will be available as a recording if you missed the conference on 4th March!


Free Webinar: "Taking the hell out of homework" - strategies to support your child at home

Thursday 10 June 2021, Online

Based on my book for parents of the same title, this webinar takes a very practical and pragmatic look at how to support children at home on typical homework tasks.


British Dyslexia Association International Conference 2021

Thursday 20 May 2021 - Friday 21 May 2021, Online

International Conference 2021 – Advancing dyslexia and dyscalculia will be held on the 20 and 21 May 2021.


Free Webinar: Preparing for Learning and Inspiring Dyslexia Superpowers!

Thursday 22 April 2021, Online

This session will provide ideas on helping your child to get back into classroom learning. It will look at some top tips to encourage learning, boosting learner confidence and what we can do at home to support our children to harness their dyslexia super-powers!


BDA 48th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Saturday 13 March 2021, Online

The AGM is a free open meeting for all Members to attend including Individual Members, Professional Members, Organisational Members, the Local Dyslexia Association (LDA) Representatives and Members that are signed up to the Shared Membership scheme.


Virtual Literacy Conference - Interactive teaching for the digital age

Thursday 4 March 2021, Online

This year our annual literacy conference will focus on literacy for the digital age. The conference is designed to give teachers and tutors the tools and the confidence to make online learning effective and engaging for all.


Practical but fun strategies for supporting the learning of Spelling and Times tables

Tuesday 23 February 2021, Online

In this presentation we will highlight some important factors that affect the learning of spellings and times tables helping parents who want to support their children at home. The focus will be on giving you lots of practical, useful and effective strategies which can make learning spellings and times tables, not only easier but hopefully fun too.


Free Webinar: Just because you can't spell, doesn't mean you don't love words with Author Sally Gardner

Wednesday 3 February 2021, Online

Many people with dyslexia do not enjoy writing, so this webinar will explore how we can create stories both with and without words. We will explore different ways to organise our thoughts and look at how to make a picture board of ideas to help us tell vivid and exciting tales. This webinar is aimed at Secondary school children but anyone is welcome to attend.


Free Webinar: Five frequently asked questions to the BDA Helpline

Thursday 28 January 2021, Online

This presentation will outline the five most frequently asked questions from parents who want to support their children at home. The webinar will provide ideas and guidance as to how to support learners at home with their studies. Different types of technology and software that help learners who have dyslexia will be discussed.


Free Webinar: Understanding stress and anxiety within dyslexic children and building resilience

Thursday 10 December 2020, Online

Within this 1 hour session, we will discuss what causes anxiety and stress within dyslexic children, signs to look out for at different ages and what you can do to help. How to approach conversations and what you can do to support the building of resilience.