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Past events


Principles and guidelines for the screening and assessment of adults with Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia) - With Professor Amanda Kirby

Tuesday 20 October 2020, Online

Tickets from £48.00

This 2 hour webinar workshop is aimed at assessors or those considering learning more about adults with DCD and who may be working with adults with other neurodivergent conditions such as Dyslexia.


Free Webinar - How to ensure your home learning is dyslexia friendly

Tuesday 13 October 2020, Online

In this webinar we will look at dyslexia friendly good practice and the key principles you can apply to your home learning.


Transitioning from school to college /university with DCD/Dyspraxia- preparing for the transition with Professor Amanda Kirby

Tuesday 22 September 2020, Online

Preparation is the key to success. This webinar will highlight the main areas of challenge for adults with DCD/Dyspraxia when transitioning from school to college or university.


Dyscalculia and Maths Difficulties Virtual Conference 2020 Recording

Friday 18 September 2020, Online

Tickets from £70.00

Our Dyscalculia and Maths Difficulties Virtual Conference will be available as a recording if you missed the conference!


BDA 47th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Saturday 12 September 2020, Online

The British Dyslexia Association's 47th Annual General Meeting.


Introduction to the JCQ Changes 2020/21: FREE live webinar jointly presented by Communicate-ed and PATOSS (ITC)

Wednesday 9 September 2020, Online

This free live webinar is for anyone who would appreciate a short session simply introducing the changes in JCQ regulations relating to Access Arrangements for 2020/21.


Move Beyond Words with AJ and Curtis: Free webinar for young people

Tuesday 4 August 2020, Online

Are you a young person with dyslexia? Do you want to learn more about expressing your creativity through dance? Then we’ve got a treat in store for you!

FREE webinar for Parents - Assistive Technology and the Dyslexic Learner

Thursday 2 July 2020, Online

Trying to choose the right technology to support your child’s education can be challenging. To offer some support and guidance, the British Dyslexia Association has teamed up with Myles Pilling to host a free webinar for parents. This session aims to take you through some of the options for assistive technology, inspire parents and demonstrate ways to motivate dyslexic children when learning at home.


Dyscalculia and Maths Difficulties Virtual Conference 2020

Thursday 18 June 2020, Online

We are very excited to announce that our June Dyscalculia and Maths Difficulties Conference will be going ahead as planned but as a live virtual conference.


Dyscalculia screeners- what is available as an initial starting point when investigating dyscalculia?

Tuesday 9 June 2020, Online

Screeners, as with dyslexia, can be used as an initial, graduated approach in order to get intervention going.

Study skills at home for older students with dyslexia - FREE webinar for parents

Wednesday 3 June 2020, Online

Studying during the COVID-19 school closures can be particularly challenging for young people with dyslexia. This FREE session looks at how parents can help young people with dyslexia (11+ years) develop the skills needed.