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Free Webinar - SAT's Revision Skills

Join the British Dyslexia Association in an insightful webinar designed to provide invaluable guidance on optimising SATS exam preparation for young learners. Understand the significance of regular revision, incorporating multi-sensory techniques to enhance memory retention.


Tuesday 5th March 2024
7:00pm - 8:00pm



Discover the key elements that contribute to a positive mental attitude, a crucial factor in mitigating stress and anxiety during this pivotal exam period. This webinar is thoughtfully curated for parents, caregivers, and dedicated educational professionals, offering a comprehensive perspective on fostering a supportive environment for successful SATS exam preparation.

Grab the chance to acquire valuable insights and arm yourself with the resources necessary to foster a productive and beneficial revision journey for our young learners. Enrol now and join this impactful webinar designed to empower both parents and educators in steering students towards SATS triumph.

Amanda Hornby - British Dyslexia Association Onsite Trainer

Amanda has worked with secondary students with special needs since 2009. She is a qualified Specialist Dyslexia Tutor, is qualified to assess for Exam Access Arrangements, Visual Discomfort Screening and is working towards her Assessor Practising Certificate.

She currently works at the British Dyslexia Association as a Training Professional, delivering bespoke training to workplaces and schools.

In her free time, she is the treasurer for St Helens & District Dyslexia Association (SHADDA). She began The Dyslexic Word Bank in March 2021.

Brenda Ferrie - British Dyslexia Association Dyscalculia Programme Leader

Brenda Ferrie qualified as a teacher of maths but realised that many of her students who excelled at maths had difficulties with reading and writing which lead her to do her Level 7 in dyslexia.

There were other students who had no difficulties with reading and writing but struggled to understand relatively simple maths concepts, which this lead Brenda into the world of dyscalculia.