A primary concern of the BDA is that the professional help available to people with dyslexia, of all ages and abilities, should be of a consistent high quality. Holders of AMBDA accreditation are recognised as Specialists in Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs) qualified to conduct specialist diagnostic assessments; Exam Access Arrangements and to deliver Specialist Teaching programmes to learners with Dyslexia/SpLD up to and including 18 years of age.

The JCQ Access Arrangements criteria for a Specialist Assessor map onto those for AMBDA. Therefore, holders of AMBDA have the right to assess for,and diagnose Dyslexia/SpLDs and make recommendations for Exam Access Arrangements (EAA). 

AMBDA, applicants can also apply for an Assessment Practising Certificate (APC)  at the same time, without additional training, if applying within three years of successfully completing an AMBDA accredited course.

Please note, AMBDA  is not the same as Professional Membership, but AMBDA holders may also become Professional Members of the BDA; however APC (Assessment Practising Certificate) holders must also hold Full Professional Membership for the duration of their APC.

 AMBDA Accredited Courses

The BDA  accredits post graduate Level 7 courses through universities and other course providers. Most AMBDA courses cover teaching in the first year and assessment in the second year.

AMBDA Accredited Courses

Who Can Apply?

To apply for AMBDA, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Have successfully completed an AMBDA accredited course within three years of the date of application. 
  • Have at least two years experience working with learners up to, and including ,18 years of age. This can be full-time or equivalent total periods of part-time professional posts.
  • Submit a hand-signed AMBDA Candidate form and a SIGNED AMBDA Tutor form
  • Pay the £70 fee

Forms and fees

•    AMBDA Candidate Form
•    AMBDA Tutor Form      Please k
eep copies of any forms that you send to the BDA.

The fee for AMBDA is £70. Please include payment with the application, make cheques payable the BDA. Other payment options are on the candidate form. If an organisation  is paying the fee complete the invoice form and include with the application.

Please note that payment is taken on receipt of application

Contact us

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