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Workplace Needs Assessment

The purpose of a Workplace Needs Assessment is to determine the Reasonable Adjustments required for an individual with dyslexia.

We offer a comprehensive service, including a pre survey which ensures that any time onsite with you is used as efficiently as possible. We can also carry out a Diagnostic Assessment alongside the Workplace Needs Assessment if required.

We will try and arrange an assessment within three weeks of receiving your booking, however there is more availability in some parts of the UK than others. We will try to find you an assessor local to you, but sometimes we may ask if you are willing to travel, especially if the appointment is urgent.

Our assessors

We only use workplace assessors who have completed their training with the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) and have satisfied our requirements to be a 'competent' person in this field. The BDA has led the professional development of workplace assessment so employers have the satisfaction of knowing they are in the safe hands of the leading institute.

The cost

The British Dyslexia Association offer a Workplace Needs Assessment for £375 (+ VAT).

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