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Workplace Needs Assessment

A workplace needs assessment is designed to identify reasonable adjustments that can be implemented to support a dyslexic employee in the workplace.

We offer a comprehensive service, including a pre assessment questionnaire which ensures that any time with both the employer and employee is used as efficiently as possible.

It is a semi-formal remote interview with an experienced workplace needs assessor to look at the specific job role of an individual, and the difficulties that they have as a result of their dyslexia.

The assessor will consider the specific concerns and requirements of the organisation before making recommendations for reasonable adjustments. These will be supplied in a report following the assessment that will be shared with both the employer and employee.

A workplace needs assessment will not give a diagnosis. A Diagnostic Assessment for Dyslexia is the only way that dyslexia can be formally identified. Find out more about Diagnostic Assessments. An individual really should have been assessed for dyslexia previously.

Where no previous diagnostic assessment has been undertaken we would strongly recommend that the employee has a diagnostic assessment as this will identify the nature of their strengths and difficulties.

The employee must have been in the job role for more than 6 weeks for us to carry out this assessment. A copy of the employees job description must be provided.

These assessments are carried out remotely via video platform.
The format consists of a 15 minute private conversation with the line manager to start, followed by a separate meeting with the employee lasting up to 1hr 45 mins.

We only use workplace assessors who have completed their training with the BDA and have satisfied our requirements to be a 'competent' person in this field, so employers have the satisfaction of knowing they are in the safe hands of the leading institute.

We would aim to schedule the assessment within 4-6 weeks of receiving the booking details.

The British Dyslexia Association offer a Workplace Needs Assessment for £450 (+ VAT).

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Workplace Needs Assessment - £540.00