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Workplace Needs Assessment

How to apply for an Workplace Needs Assessment

  1. Download the booking pack and complete. Step 1 of 'Start an Application'
  2. When this document is completed, you are ready to start your application
  3. Identify any dates that you are not available on the booking pack
  4. Submit your application. Step 2 of 'Start an Application'
  5. Submit payment details. Step 3 of 'Start an Application'
  6. You will receive a confirmation by email
  7. When we have found a suitable assessor, date and time we will contact you.
  8. Your booking will be confirmed and payment processed
  9. You will receive your report 15 working days after your assessment via email or once payment has been received


Please email:

Start an application

Step 1 - Download and complete the booking pack

Download Workplace Needs Assessment Booking Pack

Step 2 - Send your booking pack to us

Completed booking packs should be sent to:

Step 3 - Payment

Please add your payment details

Add payment details


Workplace Needs Assessment - £450.00