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Dyslexia Friendly Schools Good Practice Guide - 2nd Edition

To mark the 40th anniversary of the British Dyslexia Association the BDA have produced their Dyslexia Friendly Schools Good Practice Guide. This is a celebration and collection of good practice from Local Education Authorities, regional children’s services and schools across the UK. The result is a hugely valuable resource of tried and tested practical teaching tips and methods, within a whole school approach.

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Along with contributions from eminent specialists, this book will enable specialist teachers, classroom teachers and teaching assistants to see the best strategies and ideas for working with dyslexic children. It will also enable policy makers, advisors and senior leadership teams in schools to adopt and embed Dyslexia Friendly good practice.

There are chapters on the process of becoming a Dyslexia Friendly School, as well as help identifying children with dyslexia, and support for reading, spelling, writing, maths and teaching of foreign languages. There is a Dyslexia Friendly classroom observation checklist which is extremely useful, as well as a very helpful as a dyscalculia lesson checklist.

The Dyslexia Friendly Schools Good Practice Guide is a valuable tool in the teaching of dyslexic children and celebrates the outstanding work that is currently going on in schools across the United Kingdom- enabling those children to reach their true potential.

Further details about the BDA Dyslexia Friendly Schools scheme are available from the BDA website

The British Dyslexia Association would like to thank all those who work in support of dyslexic individuals.

Together we can build a Dyslexia Friendly World!