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Dyslexia and Parents

This book has been written to help you enable your children to develop to their full potential. It contains lots of practical tips but also tries to give a comprehensive account of the theory ~ what dyslexia is, what causes it, how we learn, the role of self esteem and so on.

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It covers a very wide age range from early childhood to young adulthood. It is hoped that you will find it a useful book to dip into as your child develops through all the normal stages.

When you find that your bright five year old is having difficulty with reading, which is what often triggers the first thoughts that something is not quite right, it is an emotional time. The author has tried to acknowledge this emotional response in the book and hopes that you will find some comfort and answers here too.

Dyslexia never goes away but with the right support, your dyslexic child can achieve greatly and will have special gifts that will bring you much pleasure and pride.

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