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Accredited Course

Four-day Dyslexia Solutions Virtual Summer School

Four-day programme

from £480


Join us for the BDA’s Dyslexia Solutions Summer School, a new four-day virtual training event tailored for teachers and education support professionals seeking to enhance their techniques for supporting dyslexic and neurodiverse learners at all stages of education.

Part of an Accredited Course

Practical Solutions for Dyslexia (Live Virtual Training)

One Day


Live Virtual Training via TEAMS

This course provides an awareness and understanding of dyslexia, along with an overview of dyslexia friendly teaching practices and approaches.

Fundamentals of Dyscalculia or Maths Learning Difficulties (Live Virtual Training)

Half day


Live Virtual Training

This introductory course will look at what can cause children to struggle with maths and identify what is the difference between maths learning difficulties and dyscalculia.