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Free Webinar - Dyslexia Awareness For Secondary-Aged students Summer Term 2024

Tuesday 21 May 2024, Online

Dyslexia Awareness For Secondary-Aged Students webinar is aimed at educators and parents or carers of students at Secondary school.


Free Webinar - Don’t stop me now! Achieving with Dyslexia in FE/HE

Tuesday 4 June 2024, Online

This session will offer some top tips in planning, preparing and studying for college and university with dyslexia and neurodiversity.


Free Webinar - Dyslexia Awareness for Workplace - understanding dyslexia (employers) Summer Term 2024

Tuesday 16 July 2024, Online

Join Amanda Hornby in her latest workplace webinar for employers. Understand dyslexia and explore the emotional toll it may have on mental health, addressing self-esteem and anxiety. Understanding this emotional landscape is crucial for effective support and fostering a positive mindset.


Free Webinar - Diagnostic Assessments - All you need to know

Wednesday 18 September 2024, Online

This informative webinar will be run by Lynn Lovell, Head of Professional Standards at the BDA. It will outline key aspects that individuals may need to know about assessments, such as why it may be useful to have an assessment and what to expect from the assessment process.


Free Webinar - Exam Access Arrangements

Thursday 26 September 2024, Online

This free webinar for parents aims to explain what Exam Access Arrangements (EAAs) are and the underlying principles behind them. There will be the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session.