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BDA are committed to advance research into dyslexia and dyscalculia. This page advertises current research projects that are recruiting participants. BDA have checked the projects and ensured researchers have obtained relevant ethical approval.

If you are an adult with dyslexia, family member or in a professional role, please look below for projects that are relevant to you.

Research relies on people giving their time to participate, so thank you for contributing.

Current Research Projects

Research Project: Practice around Access Arrangements for Students with SpLD (PAASS) project, examining the efficacy and provision of exam access arrangements for Year 10 and 11 students with dyslexia. The research team are looking for students and parents/carers to take part in a short online interview.

This is a funded research project, based at UCL Institute of Education.

Audience: Students must be in Years 10 or 11 and receiving an access arrangement (e.g., extra time, use of a laptop, a scribe, etc) for exam purposes. They will be asked to share their experience about using the arrangement - what works well and any challenges. They will receive a £10 Amazon voucher as a thank you for taking part in the interview.

Parents/carers must have a child in Year 10 or 11 who has an access arrangement in place. They will be asked to share their experience of this support being put in place and their views on what works.

Please contact Dr Emma Sumner on for further details.

Research Project: Study on driving, aiming to understand specific problems dyslexic people find while driving and reading variable message signs in clear and foggy conditions.

This is a Postdoctoral Research Project, based at Nottingham Trent University.

Dyslexic drivers, able to travel to Nottingham Trent University

To take part in the project, please complete the form here or email

Research Project: Reading Difficulties and Teaching Reading
This is a Funded Research Project, based at UCL.

Audience: People who have expertise in working with primary children with reading difficulties, particularly teachers, specialist teachers, teaching assistants, SENCOs, and school leaders.

Complete the survey using the link here

Research Project: Research into parents’ views on dyslexia policies and inclusion

This is a PhD, based at University of Manchester.

Audience: Parents of a child with dyslexia (with or without an official diagnosis) in a mainstream secondary school in England

Find out more in this advert (with reply slip to send to researcher)

Research Project: Study on educational experiences of readers with dyslexia who have an early or late diagnosis.

The researcher is looking for individuals diagnosed with dyslexia to take part in short interviews and a short reading task. This is a Masters degree project, based at UCL.

Audience: Dyslexic adults aged 18 and over

To take part in the project, please email

Research Project: The Effects of Early vs. Late Dyslexia Diagnosis on Self-Compassion and Perceived Academic Performance Amongst University Students

This is a Masters degree project, based at University of Sunderland.

Audience: UK university students aged 18-23 years

Complete the survey using the link here

For more details on any of these projects, please use the contact details given in the surveys.

To request your project is listed on this page, complete the form here.