Training Services

Dyslexia affects an estimated 10% of the working population. The condition is explicitly listed under the Equality Act 2010 and failure to make reasonable adjustments can result in costly employment tribunal claims. Dyslexia can also bring great strengths which, if identified and supported, could help to improve your organisation's performance.

At the B.D.A. we offer a range of services to help businesses and employers support their dyslexic staff and help them to achieve their full potential at work.

For more information on the training that we offer, and how this fits alongside our other services for employers, download a copy of our Employer Services brochure.


Training for Businesses and Employers


We also offer an introduction to the issues that dyslexia and other difficulties can cause within the workplace in our eLearning module: Specific Learning Difficulties and Performance in the Workplace.

Onsite training courses can provide a cost-effective solution for those looking to train a number of individuals, or those seeking more bespoke training tailored to fit their organisation's specific needs.

To find out more and to obtain a quote, contact: or telephone 0333 405 4565.

Workplace Assessors Programme

This Level 4 accredited programme equips participants with the knowledge required to assess individuals with dyslexia or other Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) for adjustments within the workplace.

For more information or to book, contact or telephone 0333 405 4565.

Bespoke Support Sessions for Employees

Bespoke support sessions act as strategy or skills coaching sessions for a number of individuals at a time. They are designed to support individuals with developing their own skills and to make the relevant changes in their behaviour which will help to enable them to work as independently as possible. Sessions focus on the needs of the employee(s) and examine possible strategies in a number of areas, and there is the additional option for individuals to have a brief 1:1 consultation with the trainer to address any specific support needs.

An added benefit of this type of onsite support is that managers, HR personnel or others can also attend part of this session, allowing them to better understand dyslexia, the specific challenges that their staff face and how best to support them with these.

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