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Training for employers

We offer a range of training options and packages, these range from raising awareness of dyslexia in the workplace to learning how to screen for dyslexia and put in place suitable reasonable adjustments.

We can also tailor bespoke packages to suit your organisation and budget.


We have a number of eLearning training packages for employers, these range from a bespoke package with individual advice to helpful guidance for making reasonable adjustments.

Onsite training

Onsite training courses are a cost-effective solution for those looking to train a number of individuals, or those seeking more bespoke training tailored to fit their organisation's specific needs.

Workplace Needs Assessors programme

The BDA offers an accredited Level 4 Workplace Needs Assessor Award. This enables organisations to develop their internal capacity to carry out Workplace Needs Assessments for their employees.

This is a cost-effective approach as those within the organisation often have the greatest understanding of how the organisation operates and the specific nature of the work undertaken.

Find out more about the Workplace Needs Assessor programme.

To find out more about our training courses visit our Training homepage.

Alternatively. for more information. please contact or call 0333 405 4565.