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Fundraise for the BDA

Fundraising ideas

Take some inspiration from some of these fundraising ideas. We've grouped them together in different categories, so you should hopefully find something to suit you!

Easy fundraising ideas

  • Be the host - whether you host a BBQ, film night or coffee morning, get your friends and family over and raise some funds by asking for a donation for a burger or popcorn!
  • Indoor games - get your friends together and host a games tournament - whether it's board or video games!
  • Clear out - Take some time to declutter and sell any unwanted clothes or items - put them on ebay, marketplace or at a car boot sale.
  • Virtual challenge - Set yourself a target, whether that's running 5km a day for a week, or stand-up paddleboarding 10km - whatever your distance and how you choose to do it, let people know and set up an online JustGiving page.
  • Changing your appearance - Maybe you brave a head shave, get rid of a beard or cut off your long hair. Do something dramatic and raise some money for the BDA at the same time.
  • Sell a skill - Whether it's teaching someone guitar or helping them decorate, use your skills in exchange for donations.

Work fundraising ideas

  • Office Olympics - Set some games up for the office and charge an entrance fee.
  • Annual leave auction - Run an auction or raffle to win an extra day's holiday!
  • Quiz night - Whether it's at the pub or in your office, gather your colleagues and hold a quiz night.
  • Sweepstake - This is great, particularly around events like World Cups or Eurovision. Charge a fee and each person gets allocated at random a team/entry, with the winner taking home half the money raised, with the other half going to the BDA.
  • Physical challenges - As a team sign up to a physical challenge, like a local fun run or half-marathon. Training for an event is great for bringing staff together. You can find a selection of challenge events here.
  • Bake sale - It's tried and tested - everyone loves a bake sale!

Fundraising ideas for children

  • Sponsored event - Set yourself a challenge, like walking 2km a day for a month, or swimming a certain distance!
  • Bake Sale - Get baking and sell the yummy goods through your school, club or community.
  • Read-a-thon - Read as many books in a day, week or month and raise sponsorship!
  • Sell old toys - Go through your room and see what toys you're ready to part ways with, set up a stand or sell them online.
  • Donations instead of presents - Ask friends and family to make donations to charity at Christmas or Birthdays instead of presents.
  • Odd jobs - Whether it's through family or neighbours, swap a donation for some lawn mowing, car washing or dog walking.

School fundraising ideas

  • Non-uniform or dress up day - In return for a donation allow the school to wear their own clothes, or set a them for a dress up day.
  • The apprentice - See if there are any budding entrepreneurs in the school. In teams, see who can make the most money from a set starting amount.
  • Coin mile - Pick a coin value (maybe 10 or 50 pences), and get the whole school involved in collected as many as you can until you have enough coins to stretch the length of a mile.
  • Recipe book - Get children to submit a recipe (and photo) to create a recipe book to sell to families and the local community.
  • Craft or art fair - Get creative, with crafts or art competitions through the school. You could then host an exhibition at the end to showcase the work and charge an entry fee or sell off the creations.
  • Host a fun run - Get the school active and set a distance to walk or run. Make it more fun by setting a theme for the day!