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Ways to donate

Payroll Giving

Donating directly through your salary is a very easy and tax-effective way to regularly support the British Dyslexia Association.

Through Payroll Giving your donation is made from your gross salary, before tax is paid. Example donations and what the cost would be to you can be seen below.

Donation amount
made to the BDA
Cost to standard rate
taxpayer (20%)
Cost to higher rate
taxpayer (40%)
Cost to highest rate
taxpayer (45%)
£5 per month£4£3£2.75
£10 per month£8£6£5.50
£15 per month£12£9£8.25
£20 per month£16£12£11

Check with your company that they offer Payroll Giving. If they do, they will help you set up your donation.

If your employer does not yet offer Payroll Giving, let them know that you would like to start and encourage them to register with an approved Payroll Giving agency. This is a great way for other employees to start donating to a charity of their choice too.