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Practical Solutions Plus – Reading (Live Virtual and eLearning)


One Day




Live Virtual or eLearning/Online

Who is it suitable for?

This course is suitable for those working in primary education or parents of school age children. It may also be of interest to those who support older learners with severe difficulties with reading as the content goes right back to the basic building blocks of learning to read through to higher-level reading skills along with supporting the development of strategies to access the written word efficiently.

Whilst aimed specifically at those working with and supporting dyslexic individuals with learning to read the content of this programme will assist anyone who is involved in teaching reading to improve their skills and knowledge.

This session can be used towards the completion of our accredited courses, so is a great for anyone wishing to go on to one of our accredited courses at Level 2 and 3, for more information use this link accredited training page.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the process of learning to read
  • Develop understanding of why dyslexic learners have problems with reading
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to teach phonological awareness and phonics and support dyslexic individuals with this learning
  • Develop the skills and knowledge needed to teach basic reading skills and support dyslexic individuals with this learning
  • Consider the difficulties involved in reading single words in the English language, from common irregulars to multi-syllabic vocabulary
  • Explore the role of syllabification, morphology, chunking, and word derivation in tackling longer words and how to teach these skills to dyslexic individuals
  • Build an understanding of difficulties faced by dyslexic learners in reading comprehension
  • Identify and explore strategies for supporting reading comprehension
  • Identify and explore strategies for higher level reading, skimming, scanning and active reading to enable dyslexic learners to access the written word efficiently

Study Method

You have a choice between:

  • eLearning/Online
  • Live Virtual Training

Joining Instructions for Live Virtual Training

Joining instructions will be sent to the registered email address approximately 24hrs ahead of the training event. If the events start date falls on a Monday, these details will be sent out on the preceding Friday.

Releasing of eLearning Module

eLearning Modules are normally released the first Thursday, after payment has been recieved.

What is live live virtual learning?

Our live virtual training is designed to replicate the benefits of in-person training but from the comfort and safety of your home. Here is some feedback from one of the delegates…

“The session was very informative, and I will be able to put a lot of what I have learnt into the classroom. The technical support in the session was fantastic and any issues I had were quickly and successfully attended too. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and answered questions extremely well. The session had a good pace to it and was as good as I think you could get without being an in-person session.”

Virtual training is live and interactive. Expect what you would from our in-person training, Q&A time, videos, activities and material you can take away to support with putting your new knowledge into action.

The technology is easy to use and a host is available on each session to support with any technical hitches you might hit. If you have a computer and internet connection you have been able to successfully use for video calling via software like TEAMS or Zoom in the past, you’ll be able to access our virtual training.

Access to eLearning modules

The BDA aim to release eLearning modules on the first Thursday following the submission of your booking; and more specifically, providing payment has been made before the allotted time.

Access to you chosen eLearning modules / supporting course information, will only be provided once confirmation of payment has been received / confirmed; and more specifically, providing payment has been confirmed by midnight on the preceding Wednesday (GMT).

More specifically, should you require access to your chosen course(s) in a hurry, we would suggest that payment for your course(s) be made using a credit/debit card, as our finance team are typically able to confirm receipt of this within a few days.

Conversely, if a decision is made to pay via invoice, please be advised that we will only be able to release your eLearning related modules once payment has been received / confirmed.

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Wednesday 24th April 2024
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Wednesday 12th June 2024
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