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How to Succeed at Work and Home as a Dyslexic Adult



This eLearning module examines the unique traits that have helped some of the world's best-known dyslexic individuals rise to success. From developing determination and self-esteem, to seeking the right kind of help and support, this module identifies how all dyslexic individuals can develop and use these traits to unlock their own potential. This programme supplements “Self Fulfilment with Dyslexia: A Blueprint to Success”, by the BDA Vice President, Margaret Malpas MBE, and includes activities, case studies, and videos to provide further opportunities for learning.

Part of an Accredited Course

Accredited Level 5 - Certificate in Dyslexia; Literacy, Support and Intervention (Jan 23 cohort onwards)

From £2250


The BDA Level 5 Certificate in Dyslexia; Literacy, Support is the first step toward becoming a dyslexia specialist and is often regarded as the first step towards a Level 7 AMBDA approved programme. Candidates who have completed the Level 5 certificate will have enough knowledge to deliver specialist tuition to individuals requiring support with dyslexia.

An Overview of Assistive Technology



The development of technology that can assist those who have dyslexia, as well those who have other types of disability, to cope with certain tasks that they find difficult has transformed the landscape of coping strategies that we are able to offer to these individuals. This is a specialised field, however, and there is not generally a great awareness amongst the education/work population of exactly what is available.

Part of an Accredited Course

Practical Solutions Plus – Spelling (Virtual & eLearning)

Please see course dates for information


Virtual / Online or eLearning

This course enables delegates to develop a practical understanding of how to teach and support dyslexic (and other) individuals with spelling.

Part of an Accredited Course

Fundamentals of Dyslexia Support



This eLearning module examines the fundamental approaches required when providing dyslexia support to an individual, and looks at simple strategies to support some of the more common areas of difficulty.

Key Tests: WRIT and TOMAL2 (SASC Approved)



This SASC approved course is aimed at practising assessors who assess individuals of all ages and wish to know more about using the key tests: WRIT and TOMAL2. Delegates should hold AMBDA and/or an APC or have completed a L7 qualification in the assessment and teaching of SpLD learners. The course will broaden their understanding of the how to assess using these tests as part of the assessment battery, and how to score these accurately.