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Dyscalculia Day - March 3rd 2023

Tuesday 7 February 2023

About 6% of people have dyscalculia. Studies into the causes of dyscalculia are about 30 years behind research into dyslexia. Dyscalculia can affect people in different ways, common traits can include recognising numbers, connecting value with number, estimation, learning number sequences and difficulty with arithmetic skills.

Dyscalculia Day is a unique opportunity to raise awareness of this often overlooked but prevalent learning difficulty, as well as a chance to talk about maths difficulties and anxieties more broadly. It is also an opportunity to reach out to maths teachers and maths learning difficulty specialists to share techniques and best practices to support dyscalculic and maths anxious children and adults. This is especially important as current research suggests that a person is 100 times less likely to be diagnosed and given support for dyscalculia than dyslexia!

Dyscalculia Day is the initiative of The Dyscalculia Network and supported by The Dyscalculia Academy. The Dyscalculia Network was founded in 2019 by Cat Eadle and Rob Jennings, who realised that there wasn’t enough support for teachers, students, parents and adults with Dyscalculia and Maths Difficulties. They passionately believe that there should be greater awareness of the challenges many people face with numeracy.

This course will look at what can cause children to struggle with maths, what is the difference between maths learning difficulties and dyscalculia. How to identify children’s difficulties and strategies to support children enjoy and succeed in maths.

Twilight Sessions: Wednesday 3rd-Thursday 4th May 2023 4pm - 5:30pm
Full day: Thursday 25th May 2023 9:30am - 12:30pm

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