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Congratulations to all our Marathon Runners

Monday 22 April 2024

#TeamBDA – you totally smashed it! What an incredible result from all our London Marathon runners yesterday. The show of dedication and perseverance made me so emotional at times and I could not have been more proud to see everyone push themselves to the limit, completing the 26.2 miles and raising an astonishing £27.3K in the process.

Chivonne and I arrived early to set up, (although potentially not early enough as the rows were already filled with excited supporters waiting to cheer on their loved ones) and we were soon joined by more BDA staff.

As we all waited for a glimpse of #TeamBDA we were having great fun costume spotting– including a personal favourite, the incredible pink flamingo! When we did spot a #TeamBDA runner I think the whole of London knew!

Over the last few months, I felt I’d got to know all our runners personally, what drives them and how passionate they were about #TeamBDA, as the day went on it was great to meet their friends and family who dropped in to say hello. It was wonderful to hear how their training had been going and how they’d felt in the morning ahead of the race!

Another highlight on my side of the barrier was getting to see the wonderfully behaved Moon Hall School supporter entourage alongside our chair of trustees, Michelle Catterson, with their brilliant home-made signs and flags. Training for a marathon is intense, and nothing proves it more than the teachers at Moon Hall setting up a treadmill at school to allow their teachers to train as they work! It was great to see the children so proud of the incredible achievements of their teachers and cheer them on so enthusiastically.

A huge thank you to all our runners. #TeamBDA, you're our heroes!
Congratulations on your HUGE achievement, we are so grateful for your inspiring dedication and every pound raised.

Jo Grimditch
Fundraising Manager