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Assessment and Support

What training is available for dyscalculia?

We offer a wide range of training courses for dyscalculia

  • Onsite Training
    BDA offers dyscalculia awareness training and strategies to support maths learning difficulties in schools for all staff.
  • Virtual Training
    BDA offers half day open training courses for teachers and support staff:

    - What is Dyscalculia and how do we identify it?
    - The theorists behind maths teaching and learning.
    - Teaching Early Number work
    - Using Concrete Materials to develop understanding
    - Maths Anxiety and how to support it
  • Short Evening sessions for parents: how to support maths homework
  • Accredited Training (E learning/Virtual)

    Level 2 and Level 3 Accredited Training for teachers and support staff (virtual training only)
    - Level 5 Certificate in Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties; Support & Intervention (eLearning only)
    - Level 7 Diploma in Dyscalculia Assessment & Intervention (eLearning only)

To see our current training courses and to book your place

Accredited Training

  • Level 2 Accredited Training. If all courses above are attended they can lead to a level 2 award with the completion of a workbook.
  • Level 3 Accredited Training. This follows on from level 2 with completion of a diary of teaching and support for 15 hours covering specific topics in maths.
  • Level 5 Accredited Training which leads to ATD/APD – Accredited Teacher/Practitioner Dyscalculia or ATF Dyscalculia, Accredited Tutor Dyscalculia (FE/HE) for specialist teaching of learners with dyscalculia .
  • Level 7 Accredited Training which can follow on from Level 5 and leads to AMBDA Dyscalculia (validation pending) for the assessment of dyscalculia and maths learning difficulties.