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Creating a dyslexia friendly workplace

Alongside meeting legal requirements there are many benefits to raising the awareness of dyslexia in the workplace and creating a dyslexia friendly work environment. It helps to establish an inclusive culture for all your employees and ensures that individuals can use their strengths, such as atypical problem-solving and creativity. It means that you are striving to support your staff, to get the best from them and the best for your company.

Creating a dyslexia friendly workplace doesn't have to involve expensive changes. It often just takes some thought, and small changes can make a dramatic difference.

Things to consider:

  • Staff awareness of dyslexia, and the challenges and strengths it presents.
  • A flexible and supportive approach.
  • Introduction of assistive technology.
  • Changing communication methods i.e. printing company-wide information on different coloured paper, or in a larger font, or making it available as an audio file.

A dyslexia friendly workplace can reduce stress, increase morale and motivation. This is turn can have an impact on reducing staff turnover and sickness leave.

Find out more about how the BDA can work with employers to help you to become more dyslexia friendly on our Services for employers webpage.