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Terms and Conditions for eLearning

Access to the BDA eLearning site

Prior to accessing the BDA eLearning site, you will need to register your details via the BDA’s main online booking system. This process is required so that your account and any associated future courses / modules etc can be registered accordingly.

  • Existing eLearning accounts: where a candidates email address matches an email address already in stored on the BDA eLearning platform, we will associate any newly booked / registered course details with the account sharing the same email address. If you need us to merge any duplicate eLearning accounts, once access has been made, this may result in the loss of any data / tasks already completed.
  • New eLearning accounts: if the candidates email address does not match an existing eLearning accounts email address, (and or differs from any eLearning account email address which may have been set up historically), a new eLearning account will be created. using the email address provided by at the time of booking.

Important notes:

  • for system maintenance purposes, the BDA will from time to time remove / purge any and all eLearning accounts which have not been accessed for a period greater than 2 years

Accessing your BDA eLearning module(s)

  • For ‘eLearning’ specific modules: (whether these are booked individually, in batches and or as part of an Accredited course), the BDA aim to release these modules on the first Thursday following the submission of your booking request; and more specifically, providing payment has been made before the allotted time (please refer to payment section for more information).
  • Details for accessing your eLearning modules will be sent via email, once your module(s) have gone live.
  • All eLearning specific modules (with the exception of our Level 5 and Level 7 Professional Accreditation modules) will receive access to their requested eLearning module for a period of 4 months from the date that it is first loaded to the candidates BDA eLearning account.

Payment for course(s):

Access to you chosen eLearning modules / supporting course information, will only be provided once confirmation of payment has been received / confirmed; and more specifically, providing payment has been confirmed by midnight on the preceding Wednesday (GMT).

Please be advised eLearning modules will only be released once payment has been confirmed. If payment has not been received by the due date on your invoice, your booking will be cancelled.

Please note that advertised prices are subject to change.

Cancellation Policy:

In the unlikely event that you need to cancel or change your booking, our policy is as follows:

  • Changes to your booking: All changes and cancellations must be notified in writing to
  • Cancelling / Refunding your booking:
    • Providing the module has not been released, the BDA will aim to provide a refund, less an administration charge of £30 (for each overall booking).
    • Conversely, in the event that a delegate can be seen to have already accessed/begun the eLearning course, the BDA is will be unable to provide any refund towards that module.

Privacy Policy:

For more information on this topic, please refer more directly to the to the British Dyslexia Associations (BDA) Privacy Policy page

Supplimentary information regarding user access to the BDA eLearning site

Course content / copyright

  • The material on this website is copyrighted. No part of the material on this site may be copied, photocopied or reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission in writing from the BDA.
  • Any references to trademarks, service marks, products, services or the work of others are acknowledged and referenced by the authors.

Third Party Content

  • Every care has been taken to ensure that the content of third-party sites that are linked to from the BDA eLearning Site is appropriate for the audience and purpose intended.
  • The BDA is not responsible for the content of any third-party sites that are linked to from this website.
  • Third party websites may change their content without warning.

Minimum System Requirements

  • We recommend where possible that a desktop PC or laptop computer is used to access the learning materials on this site, although the site can be used with a mobile device if desired.
  • Minimum system requirements to access the course content can be found here
  • Please note that web pages and content are not guaranteed to display in any other format.
  • The BDA has no control over internet bandwidth or how the site interacts with mobile devices.

Site Maintenance

  • The BDA eLearning Site is subject to regular backups and maintenance.
  • In the event that any maintenance, routine or otherwise, is likely to disrupt access to online modules for a period longer than 24 hours the BDA will endeavour to inform all learners affected by this as soon as possible.
  • In extreme cases where access to online modules are affected in the longer term, compensatory arrangements will be made accordingly as deemed necessary by the BDA, and directly with those users who are affected.