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My Dyslexia Story: Sydney Taylor

Thursday 19 October 2023

I was tested in year 6 of primary school. I had a brilliant English teacher in year 7 who was willing to listen and understand what I was going through! Automatically she knew how to help me as I struggled to read on white paper, I had panic attacks when having to write, especially with my exams. She referred me to the SEN team and I have been working with them to get support in school! I am now going to be able to use blue paper which helps me a lot and they will support me through my exams. I am only in year 9 so I still have a long way to go.

My anxiety.

Dyslexia made me think I was stupid. Children have made fun of me when I tried to read out loud, it's made feel worthless at times. I also have anxiety; being a teenage girl it does affect my mental health at times. On the plus side I also have an amazing creative side, my artwork is fantastic (I love art) and just think differently, I can look at problems outside the box and solve them easier than others.

Great support makes all the difference.

My school have and continue to be amazing, they are working with me to understand my needs when it comes to my dyslexia, as people experience different things, so you can't treat us the same. My parents are brilliant, they don't point out words I've not spelt correctly or read wrong, they are patient with me.

there was this belief around it only being related to reading and writing. I also don't think people take your diagnosis seriously when you say you have Dyslexia, but it comes in different formats and affects you on such an individual basis.

It won’t stop me!

I won't let my dyslexia stop me from becoming a pharmacist, that's my dream. I am also a junior pageant queen, competing in pageants has helped me with my anxiety, it allows me to embrace who I am, and I am not stupid or worthless... I am a queen.

You can be more creative than most, think outside the box and see things differently! And it's ok to do so! You are not stupid, because you can't spell, that's what predicted text and spell check are for. Don't let it stop you... You are special and unique so go out and show the world what you can do!