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My Dyslexia Story: Nick Smith

Monday 18 December 2023

I struggled throughout primary (being in remedial class) and then again at secondary constantly being told that I couldn't do things. I only passed GCSE Art and CDT. I then had to fight and change the system to allow me to do an A level art whilst re-sitting GCSE's for 2 years. I was only diagnosed when I got to university, I was studying BA in product and furniture design - after completing a Foundation Degree at Preston. I also believe I have dyscalculia although not officially diagnosed with that.

Dyslexia and dyscalculia have greatly impacted on my life in many ways, and I have to say mainly positive, but I do believe that is because I am a strong person and refuse to be told 'no' and give up. I seem to have an ability to create systems to allow me to cope, systems that other people don't seem to be able to see or understand”.

Support at school was minimal and in fact my primary school head said that there was no such thing in his school as dyslexia. My parents were always supportive but back then the answer was just to put me in remedial class and nothing else. My wife of 26 years (who is typing this) has been my rock and patiently scribes for me.

Since leaving University and being unable to find work in a conventional way, I have worked for myself renovating properties. 8 years ago, I bought a derelict Market Hall in the town of Morecambe and have single handily brought it back to its former glory.

I have now decided to use my asset of Queen's Market Morecambe to help others like me. I have set up a community company and intend to help people who don't fit into the system thrive and achieve their potential.

Finding ways of getting round the problems that individuals, who have talent but don't fit the system, struggle with daily. Find out more about the project here.

My advice for someone who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia:

Life is hard, nobody will understand your mind but DO NOT GIVE UP because their system may not be the right system.