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My Dyslexia Story - Lillie

Monday 10 April 2023

My little girl Lillie was diagnosed with dyslexic in October 2022. We knew that something was upsetting her, almost preventing her from being able to do schoolwork during lock down. I am dyslexic myself and see myself a lot in Lillie in many different ways.

Lillie can act upon simple instructions and is very routine. We approached Lillie’s Senco department at her school who listened to my concerns around what I was seeing. Eventfully Lillie was diagnosed and her school have gone beyond imaginable to help her which enables her to feel like her friends.

She continues to struggle a lot daily and is extremely tired on a school night but is thriving at school and continues to receive the best support she can. Lillie’s Senco has put in extra measures based on her diagnosis report and has also liaised with us on her progress. She is reviewed accordingly to how she is progressing, and help is added or adjusted. Her school are flexible around her learning and always on top off what she needs.

Understanding Dyslexia

Positively, as a family and the school understand Lillie and can notice what she maybe struggling with. This has boosted Lillie’s confidence in explaining herself to others and feeling inspired to join in. But we must keep to Lillie’s routines as that is they way she remembers things. Lillie has struggled to understand why she has dyslexia, but her friends understand that she’s important in her own way of life and learning.

12/12 Pass

Lillie shot through the playground and ran towards me with a smile, jumping screaming and almost crying as she passed 12/12 on her spellings test which is the first time since being at school (she’s in year 3). Her teacher was almost in tears just seeing the pure excitement of her achievement.

My advice for someone who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia:

Take each day as it comes don’t be hard on yourself to learn and if need be, ask for help, there’s no wrong in asking. Your way of learning is unique to you.

Lillie says.

“Some people wonder why I sit with my teacher, or I do different lessons. Don’t be afraid to say why because we are all different and unique in our own way. I say my brain is a butterfly because a butterflies have two wings not just one. My brain does use both sides not just one.”