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My Dyslexia Story - Keisha Adair Swaby

Wednesday 24 May 2023

Photo of Keisha Adair Swaby

I arrived in the UK from Jamaica at the age of 14, coming from the beautiful sunshine to the cold was hard enough but starting school was even harder. I didn't understand anything I was being taught in my new school. I was bullied for the way I spoke which was really hard. At the time I knew nothing about Dyslexia let alone knowing that I had it. In the Caribbean, at that time Dyslexia wasn't something any of us knew about. None of my teachers realised that I was being affected by Dyslexia or Dyspraxia and my challenges were not noticed by anyone around me. I was diagnosed at university during the last few weeks of my degree.

“I started to realise that my great communication skills, networking, and empathy were down to my dyslexia.”

Throughout my life I had challenges such as difficulty with my writing and spelling. I know what I want to say but writing it down in a logical way can be a challenge. After my diagnosis at the age of 41 at University I started to realise that my great communication skills, networking, and empathy were down to my dyslexia. I am very solution driven and I think outside of the box, if there’s a problem, I would find a solution and I am always thinking big with a creative vision.

The right support makes all the difference.

Whilst studying for my Masters at Manchester Metropolitan University I received great support from the student disability department. I was also able to access DSA for my studies which made all the difference for me especially the use of assistive technology and being able to get extra time for my exams through my Personal Learning Plan (PLP)

You can make it happen

From leaving school without a single GCSE I achieved a First-Class Honours Degree then went on to achieving a merit in my Masters during the pandemic. I have now written my first book which shares my story of determination and resilience! From the girl who was bullied at school for the way she spoke - I am now an Inspirational Speaker, Radio Presenter and an Author!

My advice for someone who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia:

Whatever it is that you are going through get help and support. Own who you are and believe that you can achieve your dreams and goals. Focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses!

Dyslexics are amazing, it's not a learning difficulty, it's a learning difference! we all learn differently!

Empowering Dyslexics: Blessed & Gifted

Keisha's book is now available and it tells the story of the perserverance and determination she has shown to achieve her dreams and goals despite the challenges encountered as someone with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia!

As a Mother of four children Keisha is on a mission to create a better understanding in society not just for her own children but also for generations to come.

A book to empower, educate and create more awareness of learning differences in order to reduce the stigma, shame and embarrasment that exists in our communities.

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