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My Dyslexia Story: Kate Russell

Tuesday 18 July 2023

I was diagnosed with dyslexia alongside dyspraxia and difficulties with phonological processing back in July 2022 through university because I had noticed I was struggling with my working memory and retaining information.

Working within a healthcare environment, I had to be quick thinking and work alongside a multitude of healthcare professionals meaning consistent record keeping, meetings and face to face patient care. Although, I have worked hard to try and rise above these difficulties it often got the better of me.

I struggle with forming a logical sentence together when speaking to people, often missing out words or forgetting words, difficulties writing down information and remembering tasks.

I think my mum always had concerns, however if I am honest, I kept a lot of it inside, pushing it aside and trying to tell myself I was fine. But I always knew something was wrong.

It has affected my confidence massively! I think a lot of people did not believe me when I thought I had Dyslexia because there was this belief around it only being related to reading and writing. I also don't think people take your diagnosis seriously when you say you have Dyslexia, but it comes in different formats and affects you on such an individual basis.

Although I struggled within my Nursing degree, I managed a first-degree honours and I can honestly say I am so proud of this. Something like that would have only been a dream to achieve as a child. It shows you that despite your difficulties you can be successful!

I would love to raise more awareness of this in future. There is such a lack of support/resources or even apps out there on Dyslexia and I hope to be part of creating something like this one day.

My advice for someone who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia: Research and learn more about your diagnosis and make your work, family, and friends aware. Join a networking group so you can talk with people who you can relate to and will understand. Turn it into something you are proud of rather than hide behind. Dyslexia is different for everyone, there isn't one type. You can have great writing but difficulties reading and retaining information or speech. Or the other way round. It is so diverse and unique.