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Part of an Accredited Course

Practical Solutions for Hidden Difficulties



This eLearning module explores a range of some of the more frequently identified Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs). It also considers the likelihood of co-occurrence and how each individual is therefore likely to have a unique profile of strengths and difficulties, requiring a range of support strategies.

Introduction to Dyscalculia

2.5 hours



This half-day in person session aims to give you a brief introduction to dyscalculia and to develop an understanding of its relationship to general maths difficulties.

Part of an Accredited Course

Identifying Dyscalculia

One day



This one day in person training session will explore the differences between dyscalculia and general maths difficulties, and the indicators which may signal that a learner is at risk of dyscalculia.

Part of an Accredited Course

Supporting Students with Dyscalculia

2 consecutive days



This two day in person training session will increase attendees' understanding of dyscalculia and effective strategies to support learners, through discussing subtypes of developmental dyscalculia and exploring, in greater detail, mathematical concepts such as the four operations, fractions, the concept of time, and the use of concrete manipulatives.

An Overview of Assistive Technology



The development of technology that can assist those who have dyslexia, as well those who have other types of disability, to cope with certain tasks that they find difficult has transformed the landscape of coping strategies that we are able to offer to these individuals. This is a specialised field, however, and there is not generally a great awareness amongst the education/work population of exactly what is available.

Part of an Accredited Course

Dyscalculia Summer School (2020)

3 days in person training (3rd - 5th August 2020) and an assessed workbook.

£745.00 with Level 2 accreditation


This accredited Level 2 programme is designed for Teachers and TAs working with children and young people who want to be able to support dyscalculic pupils within the classroom. It is intended to provide a greater understanding of the problems that dyscalculic learners face, and appropriate methods and knowledge to help support them within the context of their learning environment.