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Key Tests: WRIT and TOMAL2 (SASC Approved)


2.5 hours





Course Description

This SASC approved course will outline the principles of assessment of underlying ability, as well as how to administer and score the WRIT test. It will include how to identify statistical significance and prevalence on the WRIT. The course will also outline the subtests on the TOMAL2, with a focus on the Attention/ Concentration Index. It will explore the key points around this assessment index and how to administer the subtests. For each test, confounding factors that may impact on assessment are explored and tricky profiles discussed.

Course outcomes:

  • Know why tests of underlying ability (intelligence) are carried out
  • Be able to administer and score an intelligence test (the WRIT)
  • Identify statistical significance and prevalence on the WRIT
  • Know how and why we test for short-term and working memory
  • Be able to administer and score key memory tests from the TOMAL2
  • Be confident in completing the Manual Imitation subtest of the TOMAL2
  • Understand confounding factors when testing

On successful completion, this course will provide 2.5 hours of authorised CPD (Continued Professional Development).

Entry requirements

These courses are only suitable for those with the following qualifications:

  • A Level 7 assessment qualification (or equivalent)
  • An Assessment Practising Certificate (APC) and/or AMBDA

Should you require further information or guidance on the above, please email:

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