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Accredited Course

Accredited Level 2 - Dyslang (Dyslexia and Additional Academic Language Learning)





Who is it suitable for?

This module is suitable for anyone who is supporting a dyslexic learner who is having to learn an additional language. This includes parents, teachers, TA's and other education or support staff.

Learning Aims

  • Have an understanding of multilingualism in relation to literacy development.
  • Have an understanding of language learning in relation to dyslexia and multilingualism.
  • Have explored of the potential difficulties encountered by a dyslexic learner due to language differences.
  • Be aware of the principles of the assessment process.
  • Have examined the importance of and teaching and learning styles in relation to supporting the dyslexic individual.
  • Have examined the importance of technology in supporting the dyslexic individual.
  • Understand the importance of partnership working in relation to dyslexia and multilingualism.

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