APC - Route 1 & Route 1 Plus

APC Route 1 (APC R1)

To apply for an Assessment Practising Certificate via Route One (APC R1) applicants must:

  • Hold Active AMBDA or equivalent
  • Have completed an AMBDA level BDA accredited course or equivalent within the last five years 
  • Hold BDA Full Professional Membership 
  • Adhere to the BDA Code of Ethics and Conduct 
  • Commit to carry out  appropriate continual professional development
  • Pay application fee of £165 (includes £15 registration on the SASC website)

Download the APC Route One Application Form.

All applicants for Assessment Practising Certificates must have BDA Full Professional Membership (this is not the same as AMBDA) and maintain this membership during the period for which the APC is valid. This is £68, paid annually by direct debit.

APC Route 1 Plus  (APC R1+)

Applicants who have completed an AMBDA accredited course, or equivalent,  more than 5 years ogo, will need to provide evidence of additional qualifications or good practice. Applicants must have, or need to provide, the following:

  • A current CV
  • A full DIAGNOSTIC assessment report (anonymised) written in the last 18 months to SASC guidelines
  • 2 letters of support from appropriately qualified professionals, on headed paper, hand signed
  • Hold BDA Full Professional Membership or apply with APC R1+ application
  • Agree to adhere to the BDA Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Appropriate continual professional development for the last three years
  • Application fee of £240 (£165 + £75 for marking of the report)

Reports are reviewed against the current SASC Guidelines for APC reports. 

Download the APC Route One Plus Application form.


Please make cheques payable the British Dyslexia Association and include with your application. All other payment options are the application forms. If your organisation is paying your fee, complete the invoice form and include with your application or email to Accreditation.

Please note that payment is taken on receipt of application, please take this as confirmation of receipt