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Friday 13 December 2019

Am I entitled to support/funding for an assessment or resources?

Unfortunately, as dyslexia is not seen as a medical condition there is no direct government funding for diagnostic assessments or resources in schools, colleges or anywhere else. Generally assessments have to be paid for by the individual person, child or adult. If you are on a low income you could try contacting an organisation called turn2us or go to your local library and ask for a book called ‘a guide to grants for individuals in need’ which lists charitable organisations that can provide funding.

I have lost my assessment report, what can I do?

Unfortunately, we do not hold any copies of assessments. It is a confidential document only to be held by the individual.

You could try and contact the assessor who assessed you and ask if he/she still holds a copy.

Or alternatively, you could consider getting a new assessment done. Here is a link to our information pages, prices and booking packs if you need them for future reference.