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Online Members Get-Togethers

Thursday 30 May 2024

We held our first virtual members' get-together on 16th May. The aim is to provide our members with a support group where everyone can meet in a safe and informal setting.

Our discussion starter was 'Feeling Organised not Overwhelmed'. It was great to hear so many members getting involved and happy to share their experiences on the topic.

We talked about how overwhelming modern technology can be, such as self-checkout in shops, online account passwords and other 'life admin'; members then shared their tips for coping with these.

Members also shared some great organisational strategies to help with aspects of daily life and work that can be hard. We moved on to discuss workplace difficulties and the successes people have had with more supportive employers.

It was a great hour with relaxed conversation in a supportive environment. Thanks to those who joined us and we look forward to meeting other members at the next get-togethers for adults with dyslexia and families in the summer.

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