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Ofsted Big Listen – Open consultation

Tuesday 7 May 2024

Ofsted Big Listen – Open consultation

The Big Listen and the Ofsted Big Listen Children's survey want to hear your views on what is important to you. Ofsted’s ambition is to be a modern, world-class inspectorate and regulator, trusted by parents, carers, children, and learners it works for, and the professionals it works with.

The Big Listen is your opportunity to help Ofsted improve by sharing your views on the future direction of Ofsted. The questions highlight the areas that Ofsted want to hear from you about and will inform their thinking going forward.

The children’s survey is open to children of primary and secondary school age (upto 18 years). It is simple for them to complete with a Youtube video and the ability to hear the questions read to them. Parents of younger children can help to complete the survey for them.

The Big Listen has been designed so that you only need to give feedback on the areas of greatest interest and importance to you.

The consultation asks about:

  • how Ofsted reports inspection findings
  • how it carries out inspections
  • how it can have a positive impact on the sectors it inspects.
  • what Ofsted needs to do to be a world-class inspectorate and regulator, trusted by parents, children, and the sectors it works with

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