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Looking to the future – Our new vision, mission and brand

Tuesday 20 September 2022

As an organisation we want to extend our reach and support more people with dyslexia and our 50th year is a perfect milestone for us to re-evaluate and re-double our efforts. We are proud to be launching a new vision and mission for the organisation alongside a modern, fresh rebrand.

We hope that you will be inspired and empowered to join us on this journey. We are ready: we have the expertise, knowledge, and most importantly, the passion to deliver.

Our Vision and Mission

We believe everyone with dyslexia should feel seen, heard and accepted for who they are. A society that embraces and promotes neurodiversity is a kinder, more creative and empowered world.

Around 10% of the population has dyslexia – a vast number of individuals are undiagnosed, and therefore, may not be adequately supported to unlock and fulfil their potential. That doesn’t just affect them; it limits our wider society, and we are all responsible for having an influence in changing this.

We want to help children and adults with dyslexia be the best versions of themselves – whoever they are. And through that, we want to help create a society where every kind of brain is valued for its unique way of looking at the world.

We will continue to work with our community to understand their challenges and strengths and be the voice of people with dyslexia and co-occurring difference.

To achieve our mission we will…

We will raise awareness
We educate people to make changes in education and the workplace

We promote understanding
We campaign for change, influencing government policy and [promoting resources]

We empower people
As the leading national dyslexia charity, we speak out on behalf of dyslexics to change society for the better

Our new look and feel

It was important to preserve our heritage – our name, we are proud to be the British Dyslexia Association, and always will be. However, we wanted to modernise and freshen our visual identity. The new logo has been colour tested on a wide range of colour overlays and backgrounds to ensure that it remains visibly clear. It is made up of two distinct parts: our name and our icon.

Our icon although abstract, represents the following principals:

Curved and off-centre

We are not straight forward, we think differently just like those we represent

Joined together

We are centered together by our drive to achieve our vision and mission. The shapes highlight the strength that all the areas have by working together

Outward facing

The magnet-like shapes face outwards because our focus is always external and everything we do is about supporting our community and changing perspectives

dyslexia-friendly font - LDN Kona

We have had a new dyslexia-friendly font (LDN Kona) created specifically for our work (both in print and online), which means our resources and communications will be more accessible. A new set of primary and secondary colour palettes have been chosen to enhance our communications and our messaging will be developed to support people with dyslexia at whatever life stage they find themselves.

We want to inspire people and create a movement for change…it is bold, but together we can change society and enable everyone with dyslexia to be acknowledged, accepted and empowered.