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JCQ - AI and Assessments

Monday 12 February 2024

The Joint Council for Qualifications' JCQ AI Use in Assessments guidance has been updated.

They have produced a great visual Poster for Students and an Information Sheet for Teachers to help everyone clearly understand the rules for the use of AI in assessments.

What is AI? and how can it be misused in assessments?

AI for Students

AI stands for artificial intelligence and using it is like having a computer that thinks.

AI tools like ChatGPT or Snapchat My AI can write text, make art and create music by learning from data from the internet, but watch out – they can also make things up and be biased.

AI misuse is when you take something made using AI and say it’s your own work - THIS IS CHEATING!

View the JCQ poster explaining do's and don't when using AI in Assessments

AI for Teachers

Know your school or college’s approach to managing AI in assessments. Be clear about when and if students can use AI tools, make sure students know how to reference clearly and remind students that any content produced using AI must be referenced and cannot be given marks.

View the JCQ information sheet for teachers on AI in the classroom.