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Jack Browne: my dyslexia journey

Wednesday 18 December 2019

My name is Jack and I am 17 years old. I am going to be talking about my journey with dyslexia...

There have been some ups and downs with my dyslexia and I found school work a struggle. I got diagnosed at the age of ten years old, in year six of primary school. Primary school was a struggle but my teacher was really nice. I thought my lessons were laid back, getting given an iPad, playing Maths games... but the teacher was just trying to find out the best way to help me!

I was excited to start secondary school; meeting new mates and new teachers. I thought "dyslexia is just a word, and it’s not going stop my school life!" Then it all changed; year 7 was good, I had really good teachers, but year 8 I didn’t like one bit. My form teacher was horrible, plus she was my RE teacher. She shouted at me for not putting my hand up because I struggled answering the question on the board. My mum was not happy with this. Year 9 and 10 were okay - my mum fought for a TA so I could get that extra support in class.

I finally got a TA in my main subjects - Maths, English and Science. It took time and effort to get someone put in my class but it did happen in the end. In my first end of year exams, I got put in the hall. I didn’t like it. Then for the other years, I got put in a separate room and got extra time for my exams which I was happy about. Year 11 GCSE year didn’t go to plan; all the teachers seemed to care about was you getting your GCSE’s, revising and all of that stuff. I struggled, I didn’t know how to revise. Then one teacher came and joined our school. A science teacher. She helped me so much and she fought for a TA as well. With her help I got a C in in my mock exam, which I was very happy about!

I did not get any GCSES’s at C or above. It was sad opening my exam results and getting nothing, but I did try my best, and that’s all anyone could ask for.

I then went on to college to do something more creative. I didn’t really enjoy it, but I got a few passes in it. I did barbering for a few months but didn’t like that either. Now I am in an amazing sixth form college called LIPA. It is hard to get in but after a presentation and an interview, they let me in with no GCSE's and are helping me and giving me that support I need. I'm having two 1-1 sessions a week too, which is very helpful.

Don’t let dyslexia or not having any GCSE’s stop you. Just believe in something you really enjoy, follow your dreams and keep following them; one day you will wake up and they will come true. Look at Richard Branson, he believed he could do it and now he’s a billionaire. Don’t let school stop you or let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, because you can! NEVER GIVE UP.

*Disclaimer* My mum has spell checked this document! It is in my own words though.